Yahoo! moving to Linux???

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Sat Dec 19 19:41:56 UTC 2009

Konrad Heuer wrote:
> Sorry, maybe I missed something ..
> When entering I find my request redirected to 
> for some days now.
> Netcraft says:
> was running YTS on Linux  when last queried at 
> 19-Dec-2009 19:12:25 GMT - refresh now  Site Report
> Hard to stand, I'd expect FreeBSD get replaced by Windows because of 
> MS/Yahoo! agreement, but Linux??
> Does anybody know about that?

Although Yahoo has been, and still is, a big FreeBSD user, their business
has grown by absorbing many other web sites.  Those are hosted on all sorts of
different platforms.  I don't think you can really state that "Yahoo is based
on operating system foo" any more (for any foo) -- nor can you tell necessarily
from the OS of the web front-end what the back-end application servers are

Whether Yahoo wants to spend a great deal of time and money homogenizing the OSes
their servers run on is an interesting question.  I doubt it somehow: the benefits
of simplified administration almost certainly don't outweigh the costs or justify
the risks of service disruption.



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