Intel SRCZCR ?

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Wed Dec 9 10:19:52 UTC 2009

Julien Cigar wrote:
> Hello,
> At work we've a machine which is currently running FreeBSD 7.0 and we 
> would like to upgrade to 7.2
> This machine has an esoteric embedded RAID controller, the "Intel SRCZCR 
> RAID adapter".
> When I installed the machine one year ago I read the RELEASE Hardware 
> Notes to check whether this chipset was supported or not. I didn't found 
> any references, but I came across 
> and read 
> that if was in fact supported by the iir(4) driver. Although I had a 
> panic with the GENERIC kernel (see kern/122067), it works like a charm 
> for more than one year now.
> Do you know if this card is still supported by the iir(4) driver (or 
> other) in the 7.2-RELEASE ?

It is extremely unlikely that a single device support would have been 
removed within a single major branch like 7.x. It has never happened 
before. If it works for you in 7.0 it will continue to do so at least as 
good in 7.2.

But there is a tiny possibility, with esoteric hardware, that a bug that 
was not fatal in a previous version becomes fatal in the new one. This 
is very rare but if you are very concerned you can check this by 
downloading a live cd (e.g., 
booting it and testing a little.

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