Ibm Db2 for Freebsd

Leonardo Santagostini lsantagostini at
Wed Dec 9 06:11:40 UTC 2009

People i want to know if some has listen about porting or developing or
doing something about DB2 for FreeBSD

I saw in an old post that Matt Emmerson wrote:

DB2 on Linux makes extensive use of Linux-isms which FreeBSD does not
reproduce, mostly due to kernel differences but also due to issues in the
linuxulator.  In the past, I've found differences with stat, memory
allocation and AIO features which cripple DB2 to the point of not starting
up or running properly.

If anyone wants work to resolve these issues, please contact me off-list.  I

have access to the information that we'd need to get this working.

Matt Emmerton

I offer my effort to doing it, someone more ?

Leonardo Santagostini

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