ad4 and ad4c ? What is ad4c?

Mark Terribile materribile at
Sun Dec 6 19:13:22 UTC 2009


I've just put a FreeBSD 7.2 up on another system, which I am converting from 5.4.  In the process, I put in two new SATA disks, which received the installation; the existing PATA disk I kept so that I could retrieve data from it.  Now I see the expected ad0 and ad2 disks, with the expected ad0s1a and so forth.  But for the PATA drive I have both ad4 and ad4c, ad4s1 and ad4cs1, ad4s1a and ad4cs1a, and so on.

What are the do the ad4c* entries represent?  How do they differ from the ad4 entries?  Where do I find this in the manual?

    Mark Terribile
    materribile at


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