how do i automate building packages?

Robert traveling08 at
Sun Dec 6 02:09:54 UTC 2009

On Sun, 29 Nov 2009 22:56:53 +0100
Roland Smith <rsmith at> wrote:

> Now that my desktop and laptop are both running 8.0, I build ports on
> my (faster) desktop, and then rsync /usr/local to the laptop. Works
> fine. Of course my laptop now has some apps on it that it doesn't
> really need, but on the other hand I have been able to
> remove /usr/ports, /var/db/ports and /var/db/pkg from the laptop.
> This is a lot easier than creating packages and updating them on
> another machine.
> Roland

Hi Roland

I really like this idea. I checked your website but didn't find any
more detail with regards to this.

Are you doing this from crontab, script or just on the command line?

I personally want to thank you for all of your helpful posts. 


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