8.0 installation doesn't contain X distributions

Nicky Chorley nick.chorley at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 17:44:56 UTC 2009

2009/12/5 Manolis Kiagias <sonicy at otenet.gr>:
>> However, I do not see any distributions listed that are prefixed with
>> "X-". The choices are "All", "Reset", "Developer", "Kern-Developer",
>> "User", "Minimal" and "Custom". Even the "Custom" option has nothing
>> related to Xorg.
> That's correct, these have been removed.

Thanks for the information.

>> Is it supposed to be like this (i.e. no distributions containing X are
>> presented on installation), or do I need to download other media from
>> which to install? Note that I'm not asking how to install X and I
>> realise that I can do it post-installation, but I'm just wondering
>> whether I've made a mistake with my download or if the documentation
>> is out of date.
> You've done nothing wrong, the documentation is in need of an update.
> Please file a doc-bug PR.
> Removing X from the distributions is a right step IMO, these are just
> 3rd party packages and it seems confusing if they get installed along
> with the base system.
> If you wish to install X during initial installation you can still do it
> when you get to the packages stage. I believe you will need the DVD for
> that.

Again, thanks. I'll file a bug report, as you requested. I did install
X when the installation got to the packages stage.

Kind regards,

Nicky Chorley

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