strange samba issue

Graeme Dargie arab at
Fri Dec 4 11:47:41 UTC 2009

Hi List


I have encountered a problem with samba and I cant seem to find a
solution to it.


I re-installed my 3 BSD servers over the last week and am now running
8.0 amd 64. 


I`ll use the machine names as it will make it less confusing to explain,


Proteus AMD64 3500+ 4GB 3 x 500GB ZFS raidz samba-3.3.9  

Amalthea AMD64 x2 4200+ 2GB 4x 500GB ZFS raidz samba-3.3.9  

Eris AMD64 x2 5200+ 4GB 6 x 1.5TB ZFS raidz samba-3.3.9  

Mercury win2k3 server 

Saturn win2k3 server 

Hyperion windows XP pro


Samba is setup to just function as part of the workgroup.


Accessing all the network shares from Hyperion is what I would call
normal in speed, except for Proteus clicking on a folder can take 15
seconds or so for the folder to open. Now if I connect to either Saturn
or Mercury via remote desktop, and I then access Proteus the speed is
normal pretty much the instant you double click the folder it opens. I
have tried adding socket options = TCP_NODELAY to the smb.conf on
Proteus but that made no difference, anyone got any ideas ?







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