hard disk failure - now what?

Al Plant noc at hdk5.net
Thu Aug 27 02:43:37 UTC 2009

Gary Gatten wrote:
> I had a laptop years ago that started to die, but seemed to work OK when
> first removed from a cold car.  After an hour or so it would die.  I
> eventually put it in the freezer long enough to get what I needed off
> the drive, so in some cases I would agree that cold is good!
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> On Wed, 26 Aug 2009 12:13:48 -0700, George Davidovich
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>> Probably true.  I hesitate to suggest this, but sticking the drive in
> a
>> freezer (preferrably in a ziplock bag) for a few hours or overnight
>> might help.  Stories from people claiming "I swear it works!" go back
>> years.  
> I heared a similar suggestion from a guy who tried to get the
> protection code out of a car radio. :-)
>> To the exent it does work, it might give Kelly enough time to attempt
>> recovery.  If more time is required, he can try and find a creative
>> workaround for the 5 meter max length for USB cables. 
> 5 meters? I always thought USB is specified for 2 meters only.
> I've never seen a 5 meters long USB cable, by the way.

Off Topic but very funny as well as interesting.

I have a usb cable that I bought  it on line and have used it for a 
small video camera that is 15 meters long and it works OK.

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