Problem with cURL and pipes

chris at chris at
Mon Aug 24 13:26:18 UTC 2009

Hello all,

there seems to be something wrong with sending data through pipes.

I'm trying to upload files to an FTP server by piping them to

These work:

- curl < file-to-send ...
- cat file-to-send | curl ...

These don't:

- gzip < file-to-send | curl ...
- bzip2 < file-to-send | curl ...
- cat file-to-send | rev | curl ...

The compressed input in this case is about 7 MB, but it only
sends up to 2 MB of that. Sometimes nothing, more often
something in between.

This is on 7-STABLE from this morning, but the same problem
existed on 7-STABLE from ten months ago (I upgraded to see
if that would fix it).

This has worked flawlessly for several months, then started
failing last week. Any ideas what might be the reason?

Thanks for your help,

Christian Ullrich

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