netbooks for freebsd?

Jeff Hamann jeff.hamann at
Mon Aug 24 12:45:33 UTC 2009


i've looked at both an acer and lenovo models and like the lenovo  
model better.

as for linux... no way.. had too many hack experiences during the  
early years. that's why i made the switch to bsd. i would like to make  
my own port (super-port?), build a distro, and dump it onto a machine.  
haven't tested on virtual machine yet, but think that would be the  
smartest method.

thanks again.

On Aug 23, 2009, at 11:39 AM, illoai at wrote:

> 2009/8/19 Jeff Hamann <jeff.hamann at>:
>> I would like to try some experimental software on a netbook. Can  
>> somebody
>> recommend a netbook that can do FreeBSD.
> Late to the discussion, sorry I can't give positive
> advice, but:
> I can explicity UNADVISE the eeee(ee?)pc 1005ha
> Networking (atheros 9285, iirc) might work under
> ndis, wired (I forget which chipset) doesn't work.
> I put ubuntu on it, and even _that_ took some hacks.
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