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Wed Aug 19 14:46:51 UTC 2009

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 01:42:39PM +0200, BONGANI MANGANYE wrote:

> I know freebsd is free but i would like to know how much will I pay if I
> need additional package like updates and other useful software,

Nothing if you install stuff from ports or from any of the many free
software products available.    If you need something, first look
through the 'ports' list on FreeBSD.   It is probably there.  It might
take some hints as to just which ports directory to look under, but
people will usually make useful suggestions if you ask on the list
with a specific question.

>    and can
> you tell how secure it is how protected i will be if i use freebsd

More secure than most other systems.   Especially more secure than
anything from Redmond.   All of the tools for implementing and 
monitoring security are available on FreeBSD.   Of course you have
to use good practices.   If you give away passwords or use bad
software, no system can help you with security.    But FreeBSD
gives the best tools of the generally available (and especially the
freely available) operating systems for PCs.


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