Intel 5100 agn driver

Leonardo M. Ramé martinrame at
Tue Aug 18 14:04:19 UTC 2009

Thanks Glen, I also can build the module with ndisgen, and it doesn't panic, but when I do ifconfig I can't see the ndis0 device. 

However, I found this post on a Linux forum saying they can use the device. I wonder if freebsd can load linux drivers using linuxsulator?.

Leonardo M. Ramé

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> On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 10:57 AM,
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> wrote:
> > Hi, does anyone knows if the driver for the Intel 5100
> agn included in many new notebooks is ready to use in
> 7.2-STABLE for amd64?, if not, at least i'm looking for some
> pointers to creating a ndis wrapper for its WinXP driver.
> >
> Hi, Leonardo
> I'm in the same situation you are in.  Regarding an
> official driver,
> there is not anything available (yet).  The last post
> I saw in the
> -net archives mentions the driver was not currently being
> worked on (I
> do not know how much truth this holds now).
> Regarding ndis/ndisgen, I was able to create a module in
> and 8.0-BETA2, however both caused panics (which I was
> unable to get
> cores on - mostly because of time constraints).  As
> expected, your
> results may vary.
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> Glen Barber
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