making FBSD 7.2 X work on a CQ-60 laptop

Gregory T Helton gt at
Wed Aug 12 00:21:16 UTC 2009

On Tue, 11 Aug 2009 19:44:02 -0400
Henry Olyer <henry.olyer at> wrote:

> I have been having a lot of trouble getting X running on my HP/Compaq
> laptop.  A lot of trouble.
> For years I used to use xf86cfg and/or xf86config, but now, with
> FreeBSD 7.2 I can't find them.  (Don't tell me that such useful tools
> were -- ugh -- depreciated.  No, please no.)
> And worse, the keyboard has lot's of really nice key's on it, to dim
> the screen and such like that.  Which right now 7.2 ignores.
> It's a CQ-60, a Walmart special and I purchased it because it had 3GB
> of RAM with a big screen (about 15.5", I think.)  And I went down to
> my local computer store and purchased a 500GB SATA drive for $100.
> So for $400 I think I got a good deal.  (The machine is on sale now
> at WM stores for less than $300.  With tax it was $312.)
> Now though I have to make it work with FreeBSD 7.2.  with X.  I need
> help. Does anyone have one running FBSD 7.2 already?
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Going to need some more info. :)

Do you know what kind of graphics chip is in there? Have you tried the
automagic xorg configuration?

`pciconf -lv` output would help also.


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