graphics/ImageMagick seemingly not using OpenMP

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Tue Aug 11 14:38:56 UTC 2009

On Aug 11, 2009, at 6:54 AM, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 11:18:43AM -0500, Kirk Strauser wrote:
>> On my FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE system (from July 29), I'm trying to enable
>> OpenMP for the graphics/ImageMagick port.  With the  
>> option set, I get this from "make configure":
>> checking for cc -std=gnu99 option to support OpenMP... (cached)  
>> unsupported
>> checking for cc -std=gnu99 option to support OpenMP... -fopenmp
>> If I go on to build it, there's no other mention of OpenMP in the
>> output.  What am I doing wrong?

> I think the second like shows that OMP is indeed supported.
> Have you tested on any OMP test?

But the rest of the build doesn't give any indication. Specifically,  
the "-fopenmp" flag isn't used anywhere.  I've tested that OMP works -  
or at least compiles - but I don't know of any way to find if a given  
binary was actually compiled with it.
Kirk Strauser

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