Wierd X crash

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at mailing.thruhere.net
Wed Aug 5 14:36:46 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 05 August 2009 04:37:38 Coert Waagmeester wrote:

> I am fairly new to FreeBSD. I use linux a lot.
> Am running FreeBSD 7.2 i386 with the nvidia 173 driver with an AGP
> GeForce FX 5200.
> My X works, with xinerama and two screens, perfectly,
> but as soon as I hold down any key (like Backspace to remove a line of
> text) X crashes.

Any key? Even one that does not create scrolling on the screen? like backspace 
in an empty file?
Unless someone else has seen this, sounds really hard to debug without a 
coredump :/
The only long shot I got to offer is that nvidia provides TwinView which does 
the same as Xinerama and you might want to try that out instead. There's 
detailed information about it in one of the Nvidia README's.

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