output of ifconfig list scan

Jeroen Hofstee freebsd.questions at virtualhost.nl
Thu Apr 30 11:56:45 UTC 2009

Inspired by the long "modern installer" thread I had a look at PC-BSD.

I am one of the "lucky" owners of a Broadcom, Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN 
Mini-PCI Card
and added the ndiswrapper to support it.

I noticed that the PC-BSD tray icon could not scan the network for SSID,
while ifconfig does return this list. It appears that the tool assumes 
SSID are reported as
SSID<session>, which is not the case here. My list is similar as listed 
in the handbook,
so I guess it is not directly related to the ndiswrapper.

Looking at ifconfig, it appears to me that the ieee80211 part queries 
the kernel and prints the returned values.
I therefore assume that there are drivers, which report the session as 
SSID<session> instead of session directly.

Can someone confirm above is correct?
If someone has a list with SSID<session> could I get a copy of it (e.g. 
directly to my e-mail) so I don't break
other things while fixing mine.


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