Modern FreeBSD Installer?

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Wed Apr 29 12:56:11 UTC 2009


Well, after all that said, I would like to post my
modest oppinion based in experience from the market..

1) The people who use FreeBSD, or other OS, (the end user) 
will never install the OS, the person will turn on the machine
and expects an graphical interface appears in the secreen.

2) the Interface should be as simple as possible, but powerfull
enought to fullfill their needs, that is text, email, browsing,
some banking, multimedia (this must be powerfulll...), chatting.
some dvd authoriting, P2P. should access WIFI networks easy too

3) the "computer"  (computer is the term used by the USER) should
NEVER break, stop working.... That is: the computer (and the Operating
system) should act as the TV set... (remember those old times when the TV set
used to break???) you turn it on, and it works...

4) For those who install the OS in the computer, (some 1 in 10.000) people....
should make it fast and dirty....  I make an installer that install FBSD in 10 minutes
with all the gnome, office, multimedia, with only one <enter> of the keyboard...
using ZFS, the system never breaks, is ready to use in 20 seconds... FBSD is installed
in more than 1000 machines running in gas stations... here...

5) A beautifull installer is good for the newspaper that publishes a "review" of
the Operating system (they must publish something to "sell" to their job..),
Have you ever heard about a "Leopard" installer??? do you know someone who reinstalled "Leopard"??????

6) I also think that there must be an "fast and dirty"  FBSD install. in the distribution
a CD (or DVD) that you put in the machine, it asks where to install and a prompt choosing YES or NO...
the installer formats the disk(partition), do a tar of the FBSD image, with an login of "admin" prompts for 
a password, and dumps the os image in the disk using journal or ZFS... 
(90% of the machines I installed FBSD have 1GB of memory, 80GB of HD and HDA sound,
INTEL,ATI,VIA graphics board... only 4 brands of NIC).

7) I showed FBSD to an "expert" windows guy, and he think it is far more easy to install than
the XP he was using.... besides, it is LEGAL!!!  

Thanks for the Attention,


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