Modern FreeBSD Installer?

Gary Gatten Ggatten at
Mon Apr 27 07:29:39 UTC 2009

I'm trying to ignore this thread, but as an infrequent installer, I think it would be nice for those of us with limited experience to have a context sensitive help to explain the various install options, such as: what it is/does, how much disk space, how many/which dependancies, estimated install time, etc. I don't care if its TUI or GUI - just something to help me make the various selections at install time.  With my luck such a thing is already there and I just don't know about it, but thought I'd throw it out.

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On Sun, 26 Apr 2009 14:52:56 -0400, Mehmet Erol Sanliturk <m.e.sanliturk at> wrote:
> Last week I have installed Solaris 10 ( 2008-10 ) on a PC ( x86 )
> having an Intel main board . It did not recognize Philips 220WS LCD (
> 1680 x 1050 ) monitor and selected itself a text-mode install and also
> booted in text mode.
> I moved its hard disk to a PC with an Asus main board having an
> attached CRT Philips 109B6 ( maximum resolution : 1920 x 1440 )
> monitor .  Since boards were different , Solaris 10 could not boot . I
> started an upgrade installation . During that time it become necessary
> to leave PC for a while assuming that installation will wait .  With
> its count down and start by itself in its GUI mode . it started to
> install automatically .
> At the end , the install become useless because its default detections
> were not what parts were there ( I think it used previously detected
> parts without checking the present parts except monitor and perhaps
> some others , I do not know exactly .) .

That's why there should be at least the option of a text-mode install
(and it should probably be the default, as Polytropon wrote).  I also
hate it when an installer fails to autodetect my video adapter and ends
up showing me a useless blank screen or, even worse, an equally useless
'out of range' monitor message!

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