Win4BSD -- any comments or experiences?

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Fri Apr 24 20:58:23 UTC 2009

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>> Hello,
>> Subscribed in a FreeBSD mailing list in Spanish, I've got a pointer to
>> this software:
>> Any comments about or test results in compare with Qemu?
>> Thx
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>I played with win4bsd for awhile.  It works well for normal desktop usage.
>Unfortunately, virtual os setups do not handle complex data analysis of
>extremely large data sets well.  I think it has to do with memory
>usage/management.  Otherwise, I liked win4bsd a lot.

Well I haven't actually tried win4bsd, only researched about it one the
web a little once and noticed it seems to be based on an old version
of qemu (it still uses kqemu 1.3.* not 1.4.* like current qemu - which
btw is the only reason I haven't removed the old kqemu from ports and
renamed the new one, i.e. emulators/kqemu-kmod still is the old one.)

 Now does that mean current qemu is better/more stable than win4bsd if
all you want is emulate something like xp?  I don't know...  (Maybe the
win4bsd folks have incorporated other fixes that aren't in qemu yet?
At least they certainly seem to have added features...)


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