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Adam Vande More amvandemore at
Thu Apr 23 18:31:10 UTC 2009

Frederique Rijsdijk wrote:
> Liontaur wrote:
>> Hi folks, I was searching around but i'm not quite sure what i'm looking
>> for. I want to have a program that gets the mail from my ISP mail server
>> (pop), stores the mail permanently, allows me webmail access, and 
>> also lets
>> me grab the mail with a mail client (Outlook Express). I'd like to be 
>> able
>> to sync the mail with outlook express also. Like if I send a mail over
>> webmail, that sent mail will also go into the sent box in outlook 
>> express,
>> or conversly, perhaps store all the mail on the server and have outlook
>> express just show the folders and contents stored on the server. But i'd
>> have to somehow upload all of the mail currently in my outlook 
>> express. I'll
>> also need some kind of spam functionality as I get a sizable amount 
>> of spam.
>> Currently I use K9 for spam and I quite like it.
> I guess you could start to look in the area of:
> - /usr/ports/mail/fetchmail (to fetch/store the mail)
> - /usr/ports/mail/dovecot (for access to the mail via imap)
> - /usr/ports/mail/squirremail or roundcube (webmail w/ imap)
> - /usr/ports/www/apache22 for the webmail
> As you're then using IMAP, any client that connects to dovecot will 
> get the same set of mailfolders (sync).
> -- Frederique
I've not used roundcube, but horde imp is a also an IMAP webmail client, 
and I find to be be a much better client than squirrelmail.

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