CD Burning

Rafał grodzix at
Tue Apr 21 20:29:23 UTC 2009

Hi Chris,

Setting cd as rw doesn't really make sense as you don't use filesystem 
tree to burn things on cds but use software that communicates with cd 
burner directly (through driver).

Problem with using cd burner is most probably because of access rights. 
Try running that burning software as root and if it works fine then 
you'll simply have to enable your user to use acd0.

Rafal Grodzinski

Christopher Chambers wrote:
> I have found that burning software is unable to detect my cdrom. I would
> assume that this is because acd0 is listed in fstab as read-only. I am
> just a little worried that changing it to rw might wreck a cd (already
> burnt) one day. Since cp or mv to /cdrom won't work, I guess my fear is
> unjustified hey?

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