Problems with Xorg after portupgrade

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Mon Apr 20 12:00:45 UTC 2009

On Mon, 20 Apr 2009 03:58:10 +0200
Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:


>> While CTRL+ALT+Backspace does not kill the X server, I can press 
>> CTRL+ALT+F1 or ALT+F1 to return to the text mode console.  I then
>> kill the X server via CTRL+C.  
>There's a new setting that needs to be put into xorg.conf:
>	Section "ServerFlags"
>		Option "DontZap" "false"
>	EndSection
>Then you should be able to Ctrl+Alt+BkSpace to kill X.

Maybe I am reading this incorrectly; however, in my /etc/xorg.conf file,
I have this notation.

# Uncomment this to disable the <Ctrl><Alt><BS> server abort sequence
# This allows clients to receive this key event.

#    Option "DontZap"

It would seem the language is confusing. As I would understand it,
uncommenting the line disables the sequence. Therefore, it would seem
to indicate that leaving it commented out activates the sequence. Maybe
the language should be cleaned up.

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