firefox3 with high latencies when acting with mouse or keyboard and graphics refresh

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Thu Apr 9 10:54:02 PDT 2009


try to login on xdm using "secure" or xterm option 

if not possible, shutdown xdm (in etc/ttys)
make sure X is not running
and at the console (vga) 
type xinit    
it will start a small window with noting but xterm
start a window manager (twm&)
in the window, type firefox... and see if it works ok...

In the xterm window you will see firefox messages...
look for something like "fam...."

if it is the case, than you must start firefox within
a more "sofisticated" DM (gdm, kdm...) 

if firefox works ok, so the problem is in the setup of
the dm (xdm, gdm...) (I prefer gdm, version 1.8)

if firefox does not work ok, the problem is with the X
configureation, or firefox itsself,

Try test with firefox2 

Hope this will help,

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