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Martin Tournoij carpetsmoker at
Mon Oct 27 15:01:33 PDT 2008

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 08:53:46PM +0100, clemens fischer wrote:
> Some of the programs in games/freebsd-games, notably hack and larn, have
> the following problem:  Given the declarations:
>   char *scrollname[] = {     char *potionname[] = {
>   "\0enchant armor",         "\0sleep",
>   "\0enchant weapon",        "\0healing",
>   ...                        ...
>   "\0 "                      "\0 "
>    };                         };
> (in larn/data.c) the code continues to flag the availability of some
> scroll or potion by writing into the first byte of the strings in these
> arrays:
>   for (i=0; i<MAXSCROLL; i++)  scrollname[i][0]=' ';
>   for (i=0; i<MAXPOTION; i++)  potionname[i][0]=' ';
> This leads to SIGSEGV crashes.  I think this came about with the gcc-4xx
> series of our compiler, but I'm not really sure.  I verified that
> scrollname and potionname reside in the writable .data segment.  The
> segv is reproducable.  Does anybody know what is wrong with this code?
> I assume i could arrange for the flagging to be done in a separate data
> structure, but since the programs worked for years this way, I think
> there should be an easier way.
> -c

The DragonflyBSD games have many improvements/bugfixes ... I already ported it
some time ago, I just need to finish and wrap up ... I'll do it this weekend.

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