DHCP and MAC addresses

en0f en0f at bokey.mine.nu
Mon Oct 27 08:33:54 PDT 2008

Bob McConnell wrote:
> On Behalf Of Odhiambo Washington
>> One response I got off list was that I could use "deny
>> unknown-clients;" if I use isc-dhcpd-server, which got me thinking ...
>> is there another dhcp server for FreeBSD in the ports tree, or outside
>> it?
> I have used dnsmasq on Slackware Linux. It is a combined DNS/DHCP server
> that works well on small private networks. I don't know if it runs on
> BSD.

Same here. I've used it on Debian&Ubuntu without any problem on home network and as Bob mentioned it talks both DNS and DHCP.


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