change of behaviour after reboot

Robin Becker robin at
Fri Oct 24 08:57:29 PDT 2008

I had to perform a stupidity related reboot after allowing my /var fs to get to 

All seems well except for the behaviour of some of my rather ancient cgi scripts 
which are for serving up moinmoin wikis.

Prior to the reboot these all seemed to work fine they hd the #! line

#!/usr/bin/env python

after the reboot these scripts refused to work. The log messages say

> env: python: No such file or directory
> Premature end of script headers: zzz-wiki.cgi

I tried to check that env was there and that it gave me a reasonable python (at 
least at the terminal). However, something had obviously changed as the scripts 
now only work if I use


I'm worried now in case my reboot or the over usage has caused some hidden damage.

Anybody have any idea what could cause this misbehaviour?
Robin Becker

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