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> Valentin Bud wrote:
> >hello,
> >what do you know about this site:
> >i don't remember where i have read that America is going to apply the SI
> >(ess eye)
> >unit system.
> >so things are going to change maybe even the A4 papersize.
> >
> >a good day,
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> Aloha,
> The Metric System has been a legal measure in the United States since 
> the 1860's.
> There is nothing to stop anybody legally from using it.

Isn't it about time we dump the obsolete 'metric' system based on the
paltry base-10 arithmetic and move in to the future with a digitally
compatible system based on powers of 2!    Divide the day in to 16 hours, 
16 minutes per hour, 16 seconds per minute, 16 ??? per second (make up 
a name), Divide the speed of light by a big power of 2 to get your base 
measurement of length.  Design 6 more digit symbols.  Through away
some of the dross in plain ASCII and fit them in there.

Quit trying to force people to count on their fingers.


> In many places in the country both are used. Tue US Military uses 
> Metric. The film and Video industry for example. Here in Hawaii the 
> population is very diverse and most people have come from Metric 
> countries. If you have to ever work on maintaining equipment, mechanical 
> or electronic, here in the US, both tool sizes are a must. I had to 
> replace a storage battery yesterday on a clients Japanese Fork Lift and 
> the fasteners were all metric except for one battery terminal clamp.
> I think the choice by locale for FreeBSD is an excellent solution.
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