FreeBSD RELENG_7 scsi and usb, usb disks take precedence

Eric Masson emss at
Thu Oct 16 07:43:01 PDT 2008

"Svein Skogen (List Mail Account)" <svein-listmail at>


> With all due respect, if sysinstall isn't able to write those labels,
> this is hardly the solution to the problem...  ;)

Sysinstall, even if it has proven to be useful, is outdated in many
respects, it doesn't cope really well with GEOM or ZFS for example.

Using GEOM labels ensure that fstab will always be consistent, so *this
is* a solution.

Now, you can try to patch the kernel to make it probe devices in a
predefined & sorted order, but I guess it will be much more difficult ;)

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