Installation Hangs

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> Hello,
> I am trying to install FreeBSD.
> During the install (actually at the beginning of the process) the system
> hangs indefinitely.
> When it gets to the select country is frozen.
> During the boot process, as it is reading all the hardware, it
> finds the USB
> controller OK then later it states there was an IO error and that the USB
> controller is halted. I have a USB Keyboard and I would say the
> problem is here.
> Is there any workaround I can use to get things going?

Yes, you can remove the hard disk, put it in a different machine,
install FreeBSD on it, then move the disk back.

You could always try installing with JUST the USB keyboard or
with a -different- USB keyboard.

I would suspect that if you stick in a Linux Ubuntu install CD
and it also fails to detect keyboard and mouse, that you will
get more traction with your machine hardware manufacturer when
reporting a problem.  Hopefully your system is a new one within
the 30 day return window and you can return it and get a different

One last thing - it might be possible that your machine motherboard
has a port for a standard keyboard, with a header on the motherboard,
and it just isn't brought out the back of the machine.

Please also post the make and model of the motherboard in use so
we know what to avoid here.


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