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Shakul M Hameed smohideen at
Fri Oct 10 07:11:00 UTC 2008

check for in /lib.
do a softlink of pointing to 
I guess this should fix your issue.

     - moin

On Thu, Oct 09, 2008 at 12:49:26PM -0700, Drew Tomlinson wrote:
> I am attempting to install a web analysis tool named "Urchin" from 
> Google.  Installation instructions are here:
> Urchin claims to run on FBSD 6.2+ which I took to mean version 6.2 or 
> greater.  Since this is a brand new install, I installed FBSD 
> 7.1-PRERELEASE, assuming the actual release would not be too far off.
> I'm following the install procedures which has me run a ./ 
> script.  This script fails, complaining about a missing  I've 
> Googled and found some reference that this has to do with installing 
> compatibility libraries for FBSD 4.  Thus I've added "COMPAT4X= yes" and 
> rebuilt and installed my world.  However I still do not have this file.
> What do I need to do?
> Thanks,
> Drew
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