root /etc/csh

Dan dan-freebsd-questions at
Sat Nov 15 19:36:04 PST 2008

Jeremy Chadwick(koitsu at 18:32:39 -0800:
> > Problem solved. Why doesn't FreeBSD ship bash and other shells besides
> > the `sh' linked statically is beyond me. It wouldn't break ports, would
> > it?
> It does break ports.  Very, very badly.  I know because I've personally
> attempted replacing /bin/sh with bash as a "I have a weekend to spare"
> project.

You misunderstand. I do not suggest replacing the standard shell with
bash, I suggest that the shells available in FreeBSD, even through ports
to be linked statically so they can be used for rescue and recovery.
If the default make instructions told to compile statically, it wouldn't
break the ports.

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