Using mpd5 to connect two (or more sites) - Perhaps OT

Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at
Wed Nov 12 07:05:26 PST 2008


I have used mpd{4|5} as a VPN server for clients and both have worked very
Now I have the need to configure a VPN between two sites.
Each site has a dual-homed FreeBSD running mpd5.
>From the configuration, I see I need to load pptp_vpn but I cannot figure
out how the two configs are suuposed to relate.
Is one supposed to be a client of the other or how does it work?
I have put in all the parameters required, but cannot successfully
authenticate from the originating end.
What I need to understand is how the one originating (load pptp_vpn) is
supposed to relate to the "server" it is connecting to...

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