virtual consoles on freebsd-7.0-release

Steven Susbauer stupendoussteve at
Tue Nov 4 03:45:15 PST 2008

joeb wrote:
>	When I am in xorg/xfce and do Ctrl+Alt+Fx it does in fact open the 
>virtual console.
>But I can not find any way to return to the xorg/xfce desktop running in 
>virtual console I left from.
>  Alt+Fx does take me to the virtual console where x11/xfce is suppose to 
>but puts me in command line mode.
>The command ps ax shows xorg/xfce is still running.
>How do I get back to the xorg/xfce desktop running in the virtual console I
>left from?
You should be able to get back into Xorg with Alt F7 or F8. Does this
not work?


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