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Gary Kline wrote:

> 	Other than beginning from Zero and trying to determine exactly
> 	what causes firefox and konq to diverge, do any of you have any
> 	other ideas?  I've never learned an HTML editors because of the
> 	learning curve.  But:: if/when I come up with a better design for
> 	my home page, I'm willing to try again:: any best (simple) HTML
> 	editors in ports?

It's  bit OT really. But wotthehell, wotthehell.  I've found the best approach
is to make liberal use of -- if your HTML validates
correctly according to which ever standard you apply, and similarly if your CSS
validates correctly as CSS 2.0 then you should get a pretty similar result in
virtually all browsers.  Use HTML Tidy  (ports: www/tidy-devel) to clean up your
HTML automatically, and strongly prefer CSS over in-line formatting as tidy steers
you towards.

One thing to watch out for though is an important difference between the XHTML 1.0
standard and the HTML 4.01 standard ( XHTML 1.0 is an XML
language and should be served using the 'application/xml+xhtml' MIME type, unlike
HTML 4.01 which should be served as 'text/html' (

I've found that this can make quite a difference to the way a page is rendered
in FireFox.  The HTML 4.01 standard is probably your best bet for maximum
interoperability with all sorts of different desktop browsers, whereas XHTML is better
if you need access by stuff like Mobile Phones or text-to-speech systems for the



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