FreeBSD based router ...

Rob bitabyss at
Wed May 28 16:06:47 UTC 2008

Bob McConnell wrote:
> I don't need that many Ethernet ports, but I do need most of those PCI
> slots. I was unable to locate a box with more than four slots and a
> warranty that was acceptable to our Production group. I'm still not sure
> about the warranty or that we can buy it in a case with power supply.

These guys have a 2 or 4 port nic for < $100:

Try Ebay for the Adaptec ANA-6944-TX.  It's a 4 port based on the old DEC chipset (de driver)  Usual can be had for <= $10.

This is a good article on some free-ware packages you might like to start from:


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