Kernel for Dual Core

Jos Chrispijn jos at
Mon May 26 16:53:55 UTC 2008

Mark Ovens wrote:
> What version of FreeBSD? IIRC, in 7.0 GENERIC is SMP-enabled by default?
Yep, it is...
> As for your kernel config file you should remove/comment out anything 
> you don't have, e.g. wireless LAN, EISA, USB NICs, RAID, SCSI etc. - 
> although be aware that USB Mass Storage devices are handled as SCSI so 
> if you use any of those I'd leave everything in the SCSI Peripherals 
> section and just remove the SCSI Controllers.
What I don't understand: if you do a cdrom install of FreeBSD, the 
Kernel is based on GENERIC.
If I look in GENERIC, most items are not hashed out and there are parts 
of them that my hardware does not use. And still it works.
Why then not use the 7.0 GENERIC for my dual core system?

just thinking,

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