time drift

Volker Jahns volker at thalreit.de
Thu May 15 19:10:31 UTC 2008

FreeBSD 6.2 running on X86 hardware (FSC) shows a remarkable time drift

running ntpdate every half hour shows that the system looses about 10-14 sec each time.
15 May 10:06:48 ntpdate[7200]: step time server offset -13.799602 sec
15 May 10:36:48 ntpdate[7515]: step time server offset -12.813941 sec
15 May 11:06:48 ntpdate[7879]: step time server offset -13.651921 sec
15 May 11:36:50 ntpdate[8079]: step time server offset -11.109298 sec
15 May 12:06:50 ntpdate[8289]: step time server offset -11.836499 sec

FreeBSD 7.0 on an otherwise almost identical system has a time drift of a few millisecs
every half hour.
15 May 10:35:00 ntpdate[7999]: adjust time server offset 0.009963 sec
15 May 10:35:51 ntpdate[8007]: adjust time server offset -0.004890 sec
15 May 10:50:00 ntpdate[8042]: adjust time server offset 0.010734 sec
15 May 11:05:00 ntpdate[8088]: adjust time server offset 0.004523 sec
15 May 11:20:01 ntpdate[8114]: adjust time server offset 0.005800 sec

The 6.2 system is a production system, has a uptime of almost 300 days and I don't want 
to experiment a lot with acpi, battery or so. 

What would be your suspicion on the large time drift of the FreeBSD 6.2 system?

Volker Jahns, volker at thalreit.de

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