Configuring Bash

Montag montag at
Thu May 15 00:37:38 UTC 2008

This should be a fairly simple process, I don't really know what I am

I've got the following in the .bash_profile of a basic user account:

# set prompt [user at host--/dir] $ (# for root)
PS1 = ' [\u@\h--\w] ' 
case `id -u` in
      0) PS1='${PS1} # ';; # root
      *) PS1='${PS1} $ ';; # everyone else

When I log in, I am greeted with:
${PS1} $ $

However, if I su to root, I get:
[root at host-- /home/user]# 

That is what I wanted, but for some reason it is not working for a
normal user.  I thought perhaps the problem could be that .bash_profile
is only loaded when a non-login shell is spawned, but a quick
consultation of man bash revealed that bash reads ~/.bash_profile when
it is invoked as a login shell.  

My next thought was that it was a permissions issue, but:
chmod 777 .bash_profile

That did not change the results, the output was still the same as above.
 This is all being done at the console, by the way.

Appreciate any advice,

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