kernel panic FreeBSD 7.0 - Xorg

Zbigniew Komarnicki cblasius at
Tue May 13 08:06:10 UTC 2008

On Monday 12 of May 2008 22:22:12 Roland Smith wrote:

> It might also be a hardware problem. Testing the RAM would be a good
> place to start.

Yes. You are right. I tested my memory with 'memtest' and got one error:

Tst Pass Failing Address                Good   Bad    Err-Bits      Count 
5    0      00022c8af50 - 556.6 MB  efffffff  ffffffff  10000000  1

After this error 'memtest' hang, keyboard was frozen and only pressed the 
restart button help.

So, I will buy new memory.

Thank you very much for help Roland and Mel.
Thank you.
> Roland

Best wishes,

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