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Sun May 11 14:16:28 UTC 2008

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Onkar wrote:
| I am a newbie  to FreeBSD . I want ot downlod entire FreeBSD source 
code for
| reference. Please let me know how do i go about it.

Depends on if your talking about for the base system or ports or both.   
The easiest way to do it is use the csup procedures listed in the one of 
appendixs of the Handbook.  If you want to do it in in such a way that 
if you make a mortification the next csup will not globber it read the 
man page for developement(8), you should note though that some of the 
procedures listed there are overkill.  For example I skip most of the 
stuff on /usr/src2 (besides it breaks some tools).   For example this is 
how I update my sources on a daily baseis:

cvsup -h 
/usr/share/example/cvsup/cvsup-supfile                      // fetch the 
latest6 cvs repository
cd /usr/src
cvs -q update 
// update my local base systems sources
// do the make procedure listed in the handbook
cd /usr/ports
cvs -q update 
// update my ports tree
// install any new port updates

Note this method will give you a 8-CURRENT system if you want some other 
version you will have to put a tag option on the /usr/src cvs call.
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