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Tue May 6 17:19:56 UTC 2008

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David Banning wrote:
> I wonder if anyone can recommend a good backup utility for FreeBSD.
> If it's in the ports, great. I would like to just specify which 
> directories I would like to backup, how often and have it tar or zip 
> the files into a directory - if it has off-site ftp, fine, but I can
> do that part myself via crontab.
> I realize I could just make a script file with some tar commands,
> but I'm looking for something that is quicker to maintain and 
> allows me to organize what I'm backing up.
> I have been using reoback but recently I ran into some problems
> with is duplicating files X 10! - I looked into to solving it but
> it might be easier to just try something else.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but it seems a bit silly to me to waste
any time backing up something that you can completely duplicate rather quickly
via cvsup, anytime you want, error free.  Maybe you're talking about saving work
directories, something like that?  Must be something I'm not seeing here ....

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