7.0-RELEASE + newer kernel

Anselm Strauss amsibamsi at gmail.com
Thu May 1 11:17:16 UTC 2008

So, I'm one of those trying to run FreeBSD on one of the newest  
Macbooks. The hardware support looks very good, except that the  
network chips are not supported. But the Ethernet chip is supported by  
the msk driver in the current 7.0-STABLE kernel. Now, before I push  
the whole system from RELEASE to STABLE, is there some chance I can  
stay with 7.0-RELEASE and just use a new version of the msk module  
with the release kernel?

I compiled the miibus.ko and if_msk.ko modules from a stable kernel,  
but the latter complains about an undefined symbol 'm_collapse' at  
loading. This symbol is defined in sys/kern/uipc_mbuf.c, so I think I  
have bad chances running the new driver on the old kernel.

The reasons why I hesitate to upgrade to 7.0-STABLE are:

- freebsd-update won't work anymore. How do I then get informed about  
security updates?
- Can't install distributions with sysinstall anymore. Do I just  
compile everything from source?
- How do I actually update from release to stable? I have to compile  
everything myself from the sources, right? As well as for any update?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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