is there driver for (Bearlake) HECI Controller for releng_7 (or 7_0_0)

Georgi Iovchev geo at
Thu May 1 09:39:56 UTC 2008

   Hello lists

   Intel G33 motherboard (Intel DG33FB)

   with FreeBSD 7 AMD64 (7.0-RELEASE-p1)

   one thing is missing:

   [root at asterisk ~]# pciconf -lv | grep -A3 none

   none0 at pci0:0:3:0:       class=0x078000 card=0x50448086 chip=0x29c48086
   rev=0x02 hdr=0x00

       vendor     = 'Intel Corporation'

       device     = '(Bearlake) HECI Controller'

       class      = simple comms

   Actually I dont know if I really need this (machine will be used for
   asterisk voip solution), but for completeness is there a driver for
   this piece of hardware?

   10x in advance

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