FreeBSD-7.0 Release and Camera? Almost got it figured out

chip chip at
Sat Jun 28 00:49:27 UTC 2008

Ryan Coleman wrote:
> chip wrote:
>> Heheh, got that working, had to add sudo to the beginning of the 
>> command. Now the problem has to do with permissions. The pics are 
>> downloaded with the owner being root, so I have to view the pics as 
>> root. Whats the workaround?
>> Thanks.
>> chip wrote:
>>> A little more info -
>>> I now have gphoto2 recognizing and downloading my images, but only 
>>> in a terminal window. I am using XFCE and want to create a shortcut 
>>> on the toolbar or the desktop that will open a terminal window and 
>>> run the command. I have a shortcut set up but it just opens a 
>>> terminal window and quickly closes, I don't know what's wrong, but 
>>> it's not downloading the images.
>>> Any suggestions on how to get a shortcut to a terminal window app to 
>>> work on XFCE?
>>> Thanks.
>>> chip wrote:
>>>> Anyone know how to get FBSD 7-R to recognize my Canon S3 IS and 
>>>> download pics from it?
> First off, please bottom respond. Easier to follow the thread.
> Secondly, chown would do the job. sudo chown youruser:yourgroup * (or 
> file*)
> -- 
> Ryan
So that is after loading the pics. Is there anything I can do beforehand 
so the whole process can be done under my normal user login?

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