Release engineering process confusions and "make (build)world"

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> 1. Some SA's say that the a bug is corrected in a particular RELENG
> or RELEASE or a patched RELEASE. For example FreeBSD-SA-08:05.openssh
> states that >>RELENG_7_0, 7.0-RELEASE-p1<<. But where can I get a
> -p1??? I've never seen iso-images for a x.y-RELEASE-pnn. Is this the
> time where I need to build a release (as iso-image) by myself? If so,
> what branch-tag do I need to get 7.0-RELEASE-p1?> 

If you use c(v)sup or freebsd-update to track one of the security branches
(eg RELENG_7_0) then with each patch release you'll also get updates to
the version number as reported by the system.  (ie. you get a re-compiled
kernel with an updated version compiled into it).

If you track one of the security branches by applying the patches
distributed in the advisories, functionally you'll have the same effect --
the security holes will be patched, etc. -- but unless the flaw is in
the kernel code, you won't get a new kernel, hence no change to the
version number the system reports.

It's a toss-up.  Either you do the minimal amount of work needed to 
secure and maintain your system, or you take a bit more time and
effort and you reboot a bit more frequently and you get a system that
also records what updates have been applied.  Which of those you choose
is entirely a matter of local policy.

There is extensive information in the handbook about all the different
mechanisms that exist for tracking any of the various development or
security branches.  There should also be snapshot iso-images generated
from development branches on a regular schedule, not that that helps
with your specific question:



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