Doubt about hanged ESTABLISHED connections on netstat...

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Jun 16 20:48:41 UTC 2008

Agus <agus.262 at> writes:

> Today i was on my Freebsd6.1 logged from my notebook through SSH...somehow i
> lost my Internet connection on my laptop; i realized that, cause i couldnt
> type anything on ssh so i checked and i had lost internet connection....I
> reset my router..connect through Internet, now working, to my BSD again and
> i can see the old connections as ESTABLISHED.....They are hanged there cause
> of the loss of my connection i guess....So my doubt and question was;
> Is this normal behaviour, who is "in charge" of managing this? the TCP
> stack, or can i config SSH...If someone who's got the time and willing to
> explain, share thoughts about this, i ll be grateful...

They will time out when the application tries to send some data and
fails for a period of time.  You can configure ssh to use "keepalives"
if you want to hurry this along.  Or you can kill the process holding
the socket, and the socket will be closed along with the process.  

It isn't something to spend time worrying about unless you really want

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