Is FreeBSD suitable for my thinkpad T61 ?

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Fri Jun 13 17:10:05 UTC 2008

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> For actual productivity-enhancement, assuming you're a highly
> competent computer user, I'd recommend against any of the GUI systems
> discussed at that URL, and stick to window managers that just stay
> the heck out of your way.  Good candidates include things like wmii,
> AHWM, Fluxbox, and Sawfish.
the thing with windoze is that you don't have a choice - in fact, until
recently you couldn't even have multiple desktops.

with *nix and the creativity inspired by open source there are many,
many opportunities. i've been using ion for about a year having tried
and liked kde, gnome, fluxbox, even plwm and many others.

rather than merely playing with some personal options here and there to
customize it, you can actually make your desktop choice to the way you

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