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Wed Jun 11 05:52:49 UTC 2008

Camilo Reyes wrote:
> The easiest way to deal with this is to disable IPv6 on your kernel.
> There is a good guide here:
> Simply comment out the 'options INET6' line from your config file. Also,
> you could give more information on what application is generating those
> logs. For example, what services are you running? Is this setup as a
> server? And things of that sort.

Uh, in this case, no it won't.  A DNS server can contain and serve
IPv6 RR types even if it has absolutely no IPv6 connectivity itself.
What the log file shows are attempts to look up A and AAAA records.
It happens that the machine being queried and the machine doing the
querying could connect via IPv6, but that wasn't what the OP was
complaining about.

Honestly, this unthinking reflex advice to "turn off IPv6" is getting
really tired, and it is not helpful.  IPv6 is a fact of life.  IPv4
address space is rapidly running out -- there's about 3 years worth to
go.  See this report, for instance:

If you aren't IPv6 ready and capable real soon now, then you're going
to find it increasingly hard to cope on the Internet.  On the other hand:
remember the Y2K feeding frenzy at the end of the 90's?  There's going
to be a similar scramble to switch to IPv6 and people with the requisite
skills are going to be in demand...



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