Bypassing Transparent Proxy

Jay Hall jhall at
Thu Jul 31 20:04:16 UTC 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A situation has arisen for which I need to bypass my transparent proxy 
server (Squid) for a ceratin IP address range.

Following are the contents of my ipnat.rules file.

map em1 192.d.e.f/24 -> 0/32
map em1 from 10.a.b.c/24 to -> 0/32
rdr em0 port 80 -> 10.x.y.z port 3128 tcp
map em1 10.a.b.c/24 -> 0/32

em1 is the external interface on my server.

My thinking with the rules, was adding the map command before the rdr 
would prevent traffic destined for from hitting the proxy 
server.  Unfortunately, it did not work.

Is there an easy way to bypass the proxy server when accessing this one 



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