Group Limits

Michael Christie michael at
Wed Jul 30 21:58:56 UTC 2008

Hi there,

I am running webmin and virtualmin  on freebsd  7.0,  I have  found when 
i add a number of domains using virtualmin and restart apachie i get the 
following error.
[alert] (22)Invalid argument: initgroups: unable to set groups for User 
www and Group 80...    Apachie will not start..

 it happens when the 'apache' or 'httpd' user is a member of too many groups. By default,
Virtualmin adds the user Apache runs as to each domain's group, which
eventually triggers this problem.

Can any one advise me how to expand the number of groups allow on freebsd I think my default it is 16, I need to make it 50 to 100

Thank you 


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